Wedding Dances


When you dance for the first time as newlyweds, we want you to really enjoy yourself and it should be the most special experience,  the two of you loving the romance of the moment. It should be the simplest thing to go onto the floor and have the time of your life. Unless you are already a natural performer it is not that simple though. All your guests have eyes on you, they want to be entertained by you dancing in each others loving arms. When the time comes the prospect can be downright terrifying!

We can help you to have the wedding dance of your dreams, whatever your idea. You may want a simple, tasteful dance, full of confidence and without awkwardness. You might want a musical spectacular, loud and proud show stopping. It’s very important that you choose that special tune which we will work with you to choreograph into the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

During our wedding dance lessons, we tailor or sessions to ensure you get the wedding dance you wanted. You will only have one first dance as a married couple and we want you to leave your guests wanting more.