Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room 
4.00-5.00pmSenior Performance Team4.00-5.00pmInter Performance TeamVariousPhysiotherapy
5.00-6.00pmSenior Dance Class5.00-6.00pmInter Dance Class
6.30-7.30pmSenior Syllabus Modern6.30-7.30pmInter Syllabus Modern
7.30-8.30pmSenior Syllabus Ballet and Pointe7.30-8.30pmInter Syllabus Ballet and Pointe
Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room
3.30-4.00pmJunior Acrobatic Arts (4-6 years)4.00-4.45pmGrade 5 TapVarious TimesPhysiotherapy
4.00-5.00pmGrade 1 Modern/Primary Tap4.45-5.30pm Grade 3 Tap
5.00-6.00pmGrade 1 Ballet5.30-6.30pmAcrobatic Arts (11-14 years)
6.00-6.30pmPrivate Lesson6.45-8.00pmGrade 4 Ballet and Pointe
8.00-9.00pmGrade 4/5 Modern8.00-9.00pmGrade 4 Modern
Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room 
4.00-5.00pmGrade 3 Ballet4.00pm-5.00pmGrade 2 Modern and Grade 1 TapVarious TimesPhysiotherapy
5.15-6.15pmGrade 3 Modern and Grade 2 Tap5:15pm–6:15pm Grade 2 Ballet
6.15-7.00pmAcrobatic Arts (Age 9-11)6.15pm-7.00pmAcrobatic Arts
(Age 7-9)
Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room 
4.00-4.30pmSenior Warm Up4.00-5.00pmGrade 3 BalletVarious TimesPhysiotherapy
4.30-5.30pmSenior Dance Fusion5.15-6.15pmGrade 3 Modern and Grade 2 Tap
6.00-7.00pmSenior Theatre Craft and Production6.15-7.00pmAcrobatic Arts (Age 9-11)
7.00-8.00pmSenior Tap and Musical Theatre
Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room 
4.00-5.00pmInter Drama (Age 11-14)4.00-5.00pmJunior Drama (Age 5-10)Various TimesPhysiotherapy
5.00-6.00pmInter/Senior Acro and Aerial (Age 11+ years) 5.00-6.00pmJunior Acro and Aerial (Age 5-10)
6.00-6.30pmInter/Senior Stretch and Condition6.15-7.00pmJunior Dance Fusion (Age 5-10)
7.00-8.00pmSenior Drama and Singing7.00-8.00pmJunior/Inter Singing, Musical Theatre and Theatre Craft
Studio 1 Studio 2 Gym/Treatment Room 
9.45-10.15amBeginners/Pre-School Dance Class (Age 2-4 years)
10.15am-11.00amGrade 2 Ballet10.15-11.00amGrade 1 Ballet
11.15-12.15pmGrade 2 Modern/Grade 1 Tap11.15-12.15pmGrade 1 Modern/Primary Tap
12.15-1.00pmAcrobatic Arts (Age 4-10)12.30-1.00pmPrivate Lesson
1.00pm onwardsRehearsals1.00-1.30pmPrimary Ballet
1.30-2.00pmPrimary Modern and Tap